Email Marketing as a Service

We do it all for you... because you're busy.

We provide fully managed email marketing services from designing beautiful templates, sending email campaigns, and tracking the success. We do it all for you.

How it works.

  • Once you sign up our consultants will contact you within 24 hours
  • You provide us with your logo, images, content, your list, and goals
  • We create beautiful templates for you to choose from
  • We set up your campaigns and start sending
  • We help you evolve your email strategy along the way
  • We get rid of bad email and keep your list clean and healthy

Get your time back

Our designers will create beautiful emails your customers will love

Outdoor Retailer

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Surf Shop

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  • We maintain your subscriber list
  • We remove bad emails and duplicates
  • We execute your email campaigns
  • We make sure your email is inboxed
  • Real-time Stats Dashboard

We will integrate with your existing tools.


You can do so much more with Salesforce by connecting it to Catapult to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow.


Wordpress is quickly becoming the #1 CMS for the web. With hundreds of thousands of websites built on it, integrating your Wordpress site with Catapult is a must.


Catapult speaks with your Basecamp project management software and automates your email tasks right along with your projects.


Keep all your finances in order with Quickbooks and Catapult.


Hubspot and Catapult are your one stop combo for all your online marketing needs.


PayPal and Catapult combine to create a integrated way to take online payments and respond to your customers through Catapult. And of course Catapult tracks everything!

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Looking to increase your email engagement?

We can add video into your email and raise your engagement, on average you will see about 400% more click throughs!

Why use video in your email?

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